ARTIST’S STATEMENT This film aims to highlight the relationship between the youth and the older generation that many take for granted. The protagonist represents the youth who still have plenty of time to live their lives. The Grandmother however represents the silver generation – the backbone of our society. Amidst our daily routines which can…

How Priming Affects Consumer Behaviour

As modern consumers of the 21st century, we are often spoilt for choice with an endless variety of products from both physical stores and online shops, so much so that it has even created what is known as the ‘consumerist culture’. Burdened with a seemingly insatiable hunger for consumer goods, we are constantly on the…

Why Learn Chinese?

During my internship, I noticed a girl who was not proficient in the Chinese language but was incredibly attentive in the Secondary 3 class I was teaching. Whenever I taught Chinese composition writing, she would copy down all the model sentences incessantly. Afterwards, she would annotate every single new Chinese vocabulary in English. Teachers all…

Half A Kennel

He would have been more dumbfounded, had he known that she made the decision because of half of a kennel. He finally acceded to her request after three years. Yet, she cowered.    She once firmly believed that she would never fall for a married man like him. Yet, firmly, too, she once believed that…


Ibu, kamu Tempat aku bergantung Tempat aku bermanja Tempat aku mengisahkan segala suka dan duka Ayah, kamu Tempat aku berlindung Tempat aku berharap Tempat aku mempelajari erti tanggungjawab Adik, kamu Tempat aku  bermain Tempat aku berseloroh Tempat aku memberi tunjuk ajar Inilah keluargaku Tempat penaung kasih dan sayang Maisarah Hamdan (21-O2)


Dari jauh Aku  menjemput Rindu yang ternyata bukan milikku Dari jauh Aku menyedari Cinta yang diharapkan tiada lagi Dari jauh Aku menyimpulkan Yang baik sekalipun suatu ketika mengecewakan Dari Jauh Aku mempelajari Harus melangkah pergi meneruskan hidup tanpamu Dari jauh Aku menginsafi cinta manusia seketika, cinta Esa yang abadi Emylia Audreyna (21-O1)

Death in Measure for Measure

In Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the threat of capital punishment is often wielded by authority figures as a means to enforce order from an otherwise uncontrollable chaotic Viennese society. However, the imminence of death as a legal consequence of excessive vice not only underscores the frailness of human morality but also acts as a catalyst from which previously unfathomable deeds are now seen as pardonable.

Significance of the title Measure for Measure

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure explores titular concerns of absolutes and balance. By presenting the dialectical opposite of every absolute stance in the play, Shakespeare conveys the untenability of absolutes which are measured and complicated by the inherent messiness of human nature. Instead, the play argues for the necessity of balance, to measure justice with mercy, and restraint with liberty.

Is the state the most influential actor in the global economy?

A state is a politically bound space, within which the resident population is governed by a government authority. States seek to govern the global economy through engaging in national policies that have the fundamental aim to maximise societal welfare for its citizens, thus allowing for the creation, enhancement and retention of economic value to occur…

Are transnational corporations the most influential actors in the global economy?

The advent of globalisation has facilitated interconnectivity and integration between economies in the global economy, thus leading to the rise of Global Production Networks (GPNs) across national boundaries that bring together the interactions of different economic actors. Within the global economy, economic actors play critical roles in the creation, enhancement and retention of economic value,…