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An Odyssey into Self

An Odyssey into Self is a composition for solo piano that aims to depict the journey of introspection of an individual seeking to reconcile competing cultural or philosophical identities (e.g. Asian roots in a Westernised Singapore). This duality is expressed in the two contrasting sections (bars 8 to 25 and bars 31 to 45) of this work. By juxtaposing various voices and melodies simultaneously, as well as using harmony and specific expression markings to create tension and release, I aimed to present the conflict that is intrinsic to our experiences in a changing society and world. The conclusion of the work (from bar 48 onwards) mirrors the beginning, creating a sense of balance and coherence in the ‘personality’ of the individual that is explored.


2359 is a piece composed for piano and erhu. The title of this piece represents the time 23:59 – a minute to midnight. Over the past year in JC, a hectic schedule and heavy workload have resulted in countless late nights for me, and I frequently experience the struggle of rushing to meet tight deadlines. This is a similar experience for several of my peers and provided the inspiration for my piece. The quiet opening portrays the ticking of the clock in the stillness of night. A student toils through the night, tired but desperate to complete his homework, expressed…