2359 is a piece composed for piano and erhu. The title of this piece represents the time 23:59 – a minute to midnight.

Over the past year in JC, a hectic schedule and heavy workload have resulted in countless late nights for me, and I frequently experience the struggle of rushing to meet tight deadlines. This is a similar experience for several of my peers and provided the inspiration for my piece.

The quiet opening portrays the ticking of the clock in the stillness of night. A student toils through the night, tired but desperate to complete his homework, expressed by the erhu’s sighing melody. However, urgency and frustration soon fill the student’s mind as the music experiences a gradual build-up. At the climax of the piece is a loud and dissonant outburst. The student is overwhelmed by emotions, but his motivation drives him to carry on. As he regains motivation to continue striving towards his goals, the music calms down and fades off into the peace and quiet of the night.

Ong Ping Din (18-O5)

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